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AIS Medicare & More


AIS Medicare & More is a family-owned and operated insurance brokerage located in Colorado. Founded by Jolynn Allen in 2008, our agency has been dedicated to providing education and insurance services to our community. 

Since starting we have grown and expanded throughout all of Colorado with several offices and growing our community reach! Our team is made of knowledgeable professionals that are passionate about helping seniors in their community navigate the complexity of Medicare and other insurance needs.

Our agency focuses on helping seniors with Medicare and ensuring that the proper education and information is provided to everyone we work with. We also know that there is needed help with other insurance types so we have people that help with those specific needs!


We take all the experience and help we have provided throughout these years to help train and educate our team members on the ins and outs of Medicare to ensure that they are ready and available to help you! 

AIS Medicare & More is here and available to help Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM at all of our locations, evenings and weekends by appointment. 

Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service support that allows you to call us to get help with your plan instead of having to call the carriers directly and trying to navigate the information and plan benefits by yourself. We help you file claims, get reimbursements and check networks!



Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

I have always been impressed by the excellent personal service I have received from this office. Everyone is friendly and extremely knowledgeable about every phase of the insurance business. I have many friends and neighbors who have also had the same experience. I highly recommend their services.

Sherry Field

Pueblo, CO

Jen is extremely knowledgeable about all the Medicare options. I could not have navigated this complicated area without her assistance. She is very responsive and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend her services.

Dale Boland

Louisville, CO

AIS is absolutely wonderful to work with. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for health insurance, new to Medicare or looking for car/homeowner’s insurance. The people are kind and caring and will do their best to get you the best pricing and coverage. They all truly have your best interests at heart. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Claire Chadwell-Bell

Colorado Springs, CO

Our overarching goal is to ensure that seniors have access to support and education as they age. While we help with the insurance and the Medicare coverage needs as seniors age, there are a lot more needs that come in to place as we age. 

AIS Medicare & More helps senior by providing the education and information about everything Medicare, along with having access to all of the different type of plan options and carriers that are available throughout Colorado. 

While providing that support in the state, we have been working with local organizations to ensure that as you age and you find new things that you need access to or help with, we have people that specialize in that field. That way no matter where you are or what you need help with we can ensure you have a contact to get help!

Helping seniors as they age


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