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Cindy Boerhave

Born in Ft. Riley, KS and raised in Pueblo, CO, I consider myself a native Coloradan. As the oldest of three sisters, I was raised in 4-H, doing chores for geese, chickens, and dairy goats, tending to our family’s quarter-acre garden, participating in Girl Scouts, and being active in church. My family was engaged in both the community and the University, and my dad instilled in me the value of never meeting a stranger. As a college graduate, I went on to spend 26 years in education as a classroom teacher, artist-in-residence and later in administration in the Student Records and Registration Department, developing systems to manage the department. I consider myself a teacher by trade. In 1991, my husband proposed during breakfast at Monarch Ski Lodge on a ski trip, marking the beginning of our life together. We are blessed with two wonderful children, Sierra and Garrett. Our household has always included a family cat, currently Spif, a delightful Maine Coon cross breed that adopted us. During my free time, I enjoy Bible study, participate in Ladies Ministry, and teaching at our church, The Avenue.

In 2004, I embarked on a journey navigating the complexities of the medical, legal, healthcare, and funeral systems. Overseeing my mother’s open-heart surgery, my husband’s brain tumor, and my father’s kidney failure and dialysis, I discovered a lack of clear-cut answers and resources. As their appointed Power of Attorney and eventually my parent’s Executor, I built a working knowledge of these systems to ensure my family’s care. I embraced the challenge of figuring things out.

In 2020, I re-entered the insurance industry, focusing on pre-arrangement services with Montgomery Steward Funeral Directors. In my role as a Pre-Arrangement Specialist, I educate individuals about the benefits and gift of planning their funeral arrangements in advance and stress the importance of having legal documents prepared beforehand. I emphasize the urgency, because when you need them, it is too late.

In 2023, I expanded my insurance business to include Medicare and joined AIS as a Broker. The unexpected value of the skills and knowledge I acquired while caring for my family became apparent, proving to be valuable assets for assisting others in this new professional role.

Licensed Insurance Agent serving:
Pueblo county

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