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Donald Allen

I grew up in Pueblo, Colorado around insurance for most of my life. My mom, Jolynn Allen started AIS Medicare & More when I was in Middle school, so I was around everyone and hearing everything about Medicare while doing homework. Being around insurance made me want to look at the medical provider side, so while in high school I went to a local Community College and took part in a medical program, getting an Associate’s of Science with medical emphasis. After finishing the program and doing an externship, I realized that I did not want to pursue it any further.

I then decided to go to CU Denver Business School and get a degree in their Finance, Risk Management, and Insurance bachelor’s program. Through that degree program I learned about the different Insurance companies, programs, and everything in between. After graduating in 2019, I decided to work for a company and become a Commercial Underwriter for Fire Departments, Ambulance organizations, and Wildfire organizations. I did this until the end of 2019, deciding that it wasn’t what I wanted to do in life and came back home to help in the office more again, and becoming a licensed Health Insurance agent. Since coming back home I have helped open several new offices in Colorado, help train our amazing team of agents and most importantly I have had the ability to help hundreds of Seniors with navigating Medicare. I have also been lucky enough to be able to help with or at several different organizations such as PAWS for Life, Pueblo Cooperative Care, SRDA, Pueblo Business Women, Pueblo Senior Service Professionals, Durango Senior Center, Bayfield Senior Center, Ignacio Southern Ute Tribe, Alzheimer’s Association and so many more!

My goal in life now is to help as many Seniors as I can with the complexities of Medicare directly and indirectly. I am able to directly help Seniors by sitting down in one of the several offices located in Colorado or on the phone in several States. I am able to help indirectly with all the work I do, training other individuals to help Seniors with the knowledge I have of the Medicare system.

Having access to all the Insurance options allows me to help in every way possible with Medicare and not limit someone getting or that is on Medicare from having all of the information they deserve and need to have. I am happy to help educate anyone or answer questions anytime, just give me a call!

Phone: 719-334-5535 (Cell) / 719-404-3202 (main office)


Licensed Insurance Agent serving:
All of Colorado

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